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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

We're 6 days away from Christmas and I'm not gone lie, I haven't really been in the "Christmas Spirit". It's been so much going on, and it seems like everybody and they mama has covid! And this new string of COVID, aka Omarion just came out of no where and to be honest, I'M OVER IT.

But as I sit here, I'm reminded of the real reason for the season. First and foremost, it's Jesus' birthday!

A day to spend loving on your loved ones. For me, it's my mom's birthday and I have a 5 year old who's super excited about Christmas! So a little selfish of me, to not be in the spirit, I guess.

I had to check myself and get my attitude together.

And guess what I did last week? Made myself get in the spirit!

I had my tree up, probably since around the 1st or 2nd week of December... but when I did it, I was just really ready to put the tree up and get it done, and it looked like it too LOL. Y'all know how something turn out when you don't put no love into it? Yeah, that's how mine looked. It wasn't bad but it just wasn't how I imagined it to be. And y'all, I'm an event planner, I have a creative eye and I'm very into details - so imagine me half-assing my tree LOL.

I wasn't excited or really happy with the outcome, sooo with that being said, I took it down and re-did it. I bought more ornaments, finally found my tree skirt and bought a new tree topper. After redoing it with my daughter and putting some TLC into it, I loved the new outcome.

I got excited about looking for gifts and started my shopping. Thankfully, I was able to knock a lot of stuff off my list. I also got started on my favorite part of it all darling, WRAPPING.

Throwback picture of a Christmas from when I was a child.

then & now

We all know holidays really aren't what they used to be, and for numerous reasons. The biggest of them being the matriarchs of the family are either older and unable to do all the cooking and bringing the family together that they used to do or have passed away. I remember countless of Thanksgivings and Christmas' from when I was younger. Just so much fun, with all of my cousins, uncles, aunts, and my grand-dad and family friends coming over. Not to mention, I come from a big family. My grandma had 9 children, and her twin sister had 10 😱.

This is what I miss most. Everybody just coming together- no drama, no arguing, just fun, laughter and having a good time! And if you know my family, you know we are loud and always got a joke in our back pocket. 😂🤣

Now, that I have my own child, it’s so important to me that I curate those nostalgic moments and childhood memories with and for her. Memories that she will one day pass down to her own children. Rather it be decorating my home, cooking my own dishes at home for the holidays, traveling or doing festive activities. I'm constantly reminded to be grateful of the things that I'm able to do, that many aren't. This year has been a whirlwind, to say the least. And, I'm so thankful that I'm alive and able to share these memories, with the ones I love the most.

Festive Ideas to Create Your Own Traditions

Here’s 5 ideas that you can do to start creating your own memories -

  • Build a Gingerbread House or Make Cookies - Bake cookies from scratch, or buy some gingerbread cookies from the store! Turn on some music, get out your supplies and have fun building and decorating.

  • Decorate Christmas Stockings - This is super fun and inexpensive. Grab a stocking, buttons/beads, glitter, glue, and any other craft items you‘d like to decorate your stocking. All of these items can be found at Dollar Tree for $1.

  • Write letters to Santa - If you have younger kids, who still believe in Santa, this is so fun and exciting for them! I did this with my daughter. She wanted to put her letter under the tree and before I put some gifts under the tree, "Santa took the letter". The smile on her face was priceless! I can't wait until she opens her gifts on Christmas, and see Santa got everything that she had on her list.

  • Christmas Brunch - Super fun to do, cozied in pajamas, eating your favorite food with your favorite people! It’s even more fun, when you get in the kitchen and cook everything together!

  • Outdoor Activities - Ice skating, skiing, local city Christmas tree Lightings, winter festivals - just to name a few, are fun ways to get outdoors and create memories, or even make an annual activity.

Rather it's doing one of these activities, or all of them - the most important thing to remember is that it'll create memories, that will last a life time. Sending love and light to everyone during this holiday season.

With Love,


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